On March 16th, when we were in the office together as a group for the last time, we never thought that we’d still be working remotely in May – the past 8 weeks have been unlike anything we’ve experienced. We are a small, close-knit group of colleagues – we have an open floor plan, and we collaborate daily as a team. So, we weren’t sure how working from home and continuing to provide 5-star property management services to our tenants and clients would work.

We set up Microsoft Teams so we could meet together “in person” and dove in! Because our engineering staff is excellent at emergency control (remember the great flood of 2017?), and we had programs in place to communicate to our tenants through our Building portals, the “new normal” wasn’t as difficult as we had anticipated. Our engineering team reported to work daily to provide assistance to essential businesses that remained open. They completed major projects earlier than we had planned. We communicated everything we were doing and what was being planned to our tenants on a weekly basis, and now we are getting ready to reopen the buildings for the next stage of what our daily life has become.

Most important – and this can’t be said enough – are the safety and health of our employees, tenants, staff, and visitors. If that means that we have to wear masks for the next 6 months, we will. We will social distance and wash our hands, and try not to touch our faces (or anyone else’s). And when we do reopen, we hope that everyone is here with us.

See you soon!

We will strive to periodically provide personal viewpoints and observations authored by various Stockton teammates. The preceding was an “Op-Ed” by our own, Amy Orons. We at Stockton would like to hear your perspectives and experiences in response. Your contribution to the discussion would be appreciated!


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